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PostSubject: Update v0.67!!   Update v0.67!! I_icon_minitimeTue Apr 07, 2009 10:56 am

New Creatures and New Features is almost here! We have many new improvements and new content we're excited for you to enjoy!
Here is a taste of what you'll see this update:

Party Quest features

• Now you get pop up alerts when your level is ready for a PQ.
• Party quest information is shown starting five levels prior to the level requirement.
• Party quest history is recorded in the in progress tab.
• There's a hotkey for Party search. The default key is 'O'.
• The method of search has improved, from searching for characters registered in the Party Search, to searching for all users in the same map.
• There's an option to automatically decline Party Search in the game options menu.
• You can now talk to NPC's with a single click rather than a double click.

Inventory Window Improvements

• The inventory window size can be increased/decreased by using the expand/collapse buttons.
• You can add extra slots by purchasing extra slot coupons in the cash shop.
• You can automatically sort and gather your items so that it's more organized.

Quest System Improvements

• In the case of a quest chain, it's displayed with a different icon, and you can check the chain quest's order in the quest information window.
• A button that displays the quest giver NPC is added in the available tab.
• In the quest helper window [L], a [Q] button that opens the quest information window has been added.
• When a doable new quest in registered, the [Q] button flashes.
• 'Completable' has been added as a quest category.
• In the quest conversation window, a 'next' button has been added.
• You can navigate around the options of the quest conversation window with the keyboard.


In every area except for Maple Island, airships are now free without the purchase of tickets.

Map Adjustments

Many maps and monsters spawns have been adjusted for better gameplay.

Bug fixes

• Moon Bunny Rice Cake PQ has been fixed. If you bring extra Moon Bunny's Rice Cakes to the NPC Tori, you can get 'Rice Cake on the Head'
• The bug that didn't let users recover the broken statue in the 'Goddess Statue' stage has been fixed
• Party Quest 'Goddess Statue' trade requirement has been lowered.
• Party Quest 'Romeo and Julie' trade requirement has been lowered.
• You can only search for the Treasure Chest in the subway area just once a day after finishing quest.
• Pirate 4th job skills have been adjusted. Buccaneer: The bug where you will still receive damage while attacking a still monster using Fist has been fixed.
Reward Change: The Mark of Narican Pendant is no longer tradeable.

New Quests

All New Master Monster Quests have been added! Can you defeat all 5?

• Deo Quest -- Level 38 and up: Deo, a powerful and ferocious monster is destroying a desert near Ariant. Go see Sirin in Ariant, to stop this monster!
• Timer Quest -- Level 59 and up: Don't waste time! Help Ghosthunter Bob to hunt down Timer in Ludibrium's Clocktower.
• Dyle Quest -- Level 65 and up: Face the most gigantic and ferocious crocodile in Kerning City. Go see JM to being your quest!
• Faust Quest -- Level 20 and up: Go see Grendel the Really Old, to take on the challenge of defeating Faust, the gigantic monkey!
• Zeno Quest -- Level 35 and up: Oh, No! Aliens have taken over the Maple World! Try beating the most powerful alien Zeno. Go see Dr. Kim at Omega Sector, to begin your quest!

Easter Events have been added!

• Create an Easter Basket for all your eggs! Go see Maple Admin in every town to begin your quest!
• Help Mad Bunny get easter eggs, and you will be rewarded! Go see Mad Bunny in Henesys!

And many more quests have been added!

Family System

Start a family and mentor your friends, or "noobs" and you can receive extra perks in-game! You can be the leader and have 'Juniors' as your minions. Juinors can then add their own minions, and this is how you will be creating a family.
Go see Captain Al in Lith Harbor for more details!

Monster Book

Collect unique monster cards for every monster in-game. Compile them in the new monster book for your own personal use! You can look up and browse through the information and images of the monster you collect. This will be very addicting! Can you collect them all? Go in-game to begin your Monster Book!

Cash Shop Updates

• Safety Charms have been upgraded! Upon death, you'll be resurrected with 30% of MaxHP and MaxMP!
• New plastic surgery added to all towns!
• New hair styles added! Try out, the Black Line Scratch, Dambi Hair, and Short Top Tail!
• New facial expression, accesories, fedora hat, and more in the cash shop!

Gachapon has been updated!

Now you will be able to get gachapon items anytime, anywhere you'd like with the Remote Gachapon Coupon! There's no need to travel to the gachapon anymore. The option to get a gachapon item will be available from any town where ever you are!
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Update v0.67!!
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