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 Whoops only Zakum Run!

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PostSubject: Whoops only Zakum Run!   Whoops only Zakum Run! I_icon_minitimeWed May 13, 2009 3:39 pm

Whoops primary Zakoom Order. (4 pages)

§1 Situation

Whoops is a growing guild and the members level fast, many of us feel that it’s becoming time, to proof ourselves and the guild, on the field of battle. It’s time to establish Whoops as a successful Zakoom-guild.

1.1 OPFOR (opposing forces)

Lord Zakoom, the eight armed, zero legged stone evil, residing in the volcano of mount Doom, near the town of El Nath, He is the overlord of fast legions of summoned beings threatening the continent of ossyria. He is the source of all evil in the region.

1.2 WHOOPFOR (asswhooping forces)

A great battalion of mighty maplers under the zealous leadership of LTZMar (Lieutenant Zealous Marjo)

1.2.1 squad 1: ranged
Leader: LTZMar
Healer: Helohealer
HB: Missdeemz
SE: Sammybower
Range1: Bennova
Range2: Dutchfantasy

1.2.2 squad 2: melee
Leader: Snickertje
Healer: Sugahfree
Melee1: Upkachief
Melee2: Pakapirate
Melee3: Pirate984
SE: Fireh4vvk

1.2.3 squad 3: ultimate
Leader: Xedwinemx
Ultimate1: Jolandatje
Ultimate2: Ritualman
Ultimate3: Urvin
Ultimate4: Iownher010
SE: Kajitaka (floating with Imissnow)

1.2.4 squad 4: The willing
Leader: Razielsan
HB: Kryvaix
The willing1: Imissnow (floating with kajitaka)
The willing1: ………………
The willing1: ………………
The willing1: ………………

§2 Mission

LTZMar, You are to assemble your Great Battalion in the town of El Nath. Travel inter-dimensional to the gates that lead to Zakoom’s lair. Enter the Lord Zakoom’s hide-out and destroy him, thus proving your guild worthy of being a real runners guild.

2.1 Order of events
1. receive order and adjust to situation
2. publicize order on guild website
3. inform your sub-commanders on their role in this mission
4.plan the actual mission to the fucking detail.

2.2 Timeline of mission
1. T= -20 all Maplers assemble at the town of El nath.
2. T= -15 Bishop party is made for the first inter-dimensional travel.
3. T= -14 Assigned bishop travels via death mine scroll to the death mines
4. T= -10 All bishops travel to the gates of Zakoom
5. T= -09 Designated leaders re-party all members and bishops door them
6. T= -05 LTZMar assigns himself as squadleader, squadmembers sign up.
7. T= 0 entry of Zakoom altar, snickertje does reconnaissance, no one else enters
8. T= 1 Snickertje confirms he’s in lag-less on guild-chat all squad members enter
9. T= 5 Party leaders confirm to LTZMar, that their prty is in and complete.
10.T= 10 Ultimate skills test to see of no one lags
11.T= 15 LTZMar is to drop “the ball”
12.T= 15 and 15 sec open fire
13.T= ??? all arms except arm 2 is killed laggers and vista ppl tab out.
14.T= ??? partyleaders confirm all members present last arm is killed and body starts
15.T= ??? zakoom’s death is confirmed

§3 Objective

Lord Zakoom destroyed, by Whoops members only, no selling, no looting

§4 Co ordinations

Apples to be used by squad1, payed for by guild or other solutions
Order of entry to altar rightly timed so ppl do not DC
Squad3 will use ultimates during the destruction of arms 1-4 and arms 6-8
Alt+tab period when arm 5 is still attached to body
Summons: allowed
Only partyleaders talk in “To all”
Partymembers talk in “To party”
Imissnow and Kajitaka will switch parties during alt+tab period so the willing party gets SE
Iownher010 and Jolandatje will reserve their resurrection for Nightlords or bishops only and will switch party
if needed.

§5 logistics

All members of Whoops guild r expected to take with them enough pots to survive zakoom for 1.5 hours, 100 all . cures, all members r to be expected to recharge before T= -20
Designated bishop will be provided with a deathmine scroll
Apples will be bought by LTZMar, after receiving funds

Day and time will be shown later on THIS page

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Wannabe spammer
Wannabe spammer

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Guild: Whoops

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PostSubject: Re: Whoops only Zakum Run!   Whoops only Zakum Run! I_icon_minitimeWed May 13, 2009 3:52 pm

Yes Sir O_O Leader 2 =D
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Whoops only Zakum Run!
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